Make Believe

Roxaboxen, written by Alice McLerran and beautifully illustrated by Barbara Cooney, is one of my absolute favorite children’s books. It is a nostalgic story about the magic of childhood imagination that leaves me in tears every time “grey-haired Charles” returns to the place of his upbringing. Reading Roxaboxen often leads me to reminisce about places around … Continue reading Make Believe


While contemplating the topic for my first post, I found a short piece I wrote about my earliest memory of creativity that has everything to do with nostalgia and sentience and thought… why not start at the beginning? “Turpentine and sawdust, the two scents ever present in his workshop and in my memory. I recall the times I sat upon the sawhorse watching my father create. A carpenter and an artist immersed in visions imprinted in his mind or possibly his soul. He worked in solitude and with intention.” Continue reading Beginning