Where Do They Go?

A poem inspired by today’s writing prompt contemplating eternity: a place of beauty free from life’s chainsis where they go when the soul remains pink sky through forest silhouetted by trees moonlight of solstice magnifying the seas the flicker and lull of flames that entrance the absence of breath upon love’s first glancethe haunting wail …

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2020 Writing Successes

Children’s author Julie Hedlund, challenged participants of her 12 Days of Christmas for Writers series to post SUCCESSES (rather than resolutions) on our blogs this year. She believes the way New Year’s resolutions are traditionally made come from a place of negativity – what DIDN’T get done or achieved in the previous year. Instead, she … Continue reading 2020 Writing Successes

my companion

her voice a whistling thrush beckons play by tranquil streams her hands swift wings hasten flight to wild and wondrous dreams her heart a nestled grove where on freedom and courage i graze imagination is her name with hope her soul’s ablaze Continue reading my companion

Just Be

When tufts of silver mask my brow, Unsteadily I stray, When clouded veils through which I see Cause me to hesitate, When through the door you enter And soundly I still sleep, Know your presence comforts me. Just be…just be. When on timbered trails we wander And I beckon you to stall, When up the … Continue reading Just Be


A home Is built of its inhabitants, Necessary timbers Whether green or splintered. Each passing Welcomes the enemy of change; Mourning the spirit who has passed And a home that will never be again. I hesitate to write Because doing so makes it real. Mack’s spirit of shameless exuberance Has come…and gone. Gone… The penetrating … Continue reading Timbers

Storm’s Pass

An earthy scent weighs in the air; Nestlings hover close. Up-turned leaves, Darkened skies. A time we treasure most. Distantly the rumble lulls Us deeper in her spell. The lightning’s flash, It’s boom and crash. Storm’s distance it does tell. Raindrops spatter, Then pound and splatter, Storm weeps and bids farewell. Continue reading Storm’s Pass

On Choice, Fulfillment, & Liberty: Enabling Enrichment in the Lives of Our Pets

Even for the best intentioned, it’s easy to forget that pets have wants, opinions, and oppositions as we habitually make decisions for them. We decide when and what they eat, when they go out and come back in, where they sleep, where they travel, how and when they exercise, and with whom and how often … Continue reading On Choice, Fulfillment, & Liberty: Enabling Enrichment in the Lives of Our Pets

The Winds of Change

The wind Whispers to me of change. Even the oak, Mighty and stubborn, Bows to its command. Sustained chimes Echo reminders Of movement and time, Loss and rebirth. A runaway train Life sometimes is. Either we hold fast As it spirals down mountainsides And around sharp bends,  Or we watch itCharge past, Stealing the treasures … Continue reading The Winds of Change

The Burden

“The heat lasted until nightfall, and all that time he had to carry his jacket. But when he thought to complain about the burden of it’s weight, he remembered that, because he had the jacket, he had withstood the cold of the dawn.” -Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist For me, the jacket, or burden as it … Continue reading The Burden


What is it about night that eludes solemnity? The rhythmic tock from the wall downstairs The whoosh of a solitary car, Or the peaceful exhales of those in slumber Who share my life. Yet too soon does light creep upon the horizon With the frequency of passing travelers Stealing my solace. Alerting me of new … Continue reading Night

The Matriarch

I said goodbye to her today in the old country church, the only place I ever knew her. The eldest of four generations of abiding women who sat successionally from aisle to inner pew, hers was a spirit of joy, faith, and hospitality. Although her name was unknown to me, she inspired me by the … Continue reading The Matriarch

Retreat Amonst Ghosts

Tonight in Sainte-Ursule, I rock in the farmhouse kitchen of a great uncle I never knew. A day filled with sounds of a language from my past; among family with whom I may never be again. I search my soul for echos of my parents’ laughter and conversations among family here; visits with my mémère … Continue reading Retreat Amonst Ghosts


A conversation with a friend started me thinking about the topic of authenticity and how important it is in relationships. Being true to oneself is liberating, requires self-confidence and grit, but can also leave one vulnerable to criticism and judgement. I guess that’s why we are most authentic with those we trust and we earn … Continue reading Authenticity